The Glasgow Stamp Shop is the new e-commerce website from Buchanan Street Stamps whose original website was one of the first full e-commerce stamp websites in the UK. This was due in part to a Government project offering companies the chance to get set up on the worldwide web. Circa 15,000 companies applied, of which 10 were selected.

Buchanan Street Stamps or was the only company to achieve the 24th December 1999 deadline.

The webste will be re energised in the coming months, but in the meantime The Glasgow Stamp Shop has this, its own website.

The site has a selection of world stamps for sale. We have included a selection of material that is currently available and will be adding to it regularly, however we would encourage all our treasured viewers to contact us for material not listed. Please see the "Contact Us" section in the left hand column of the home screen.

In the online jungle, how can you be sure that the stamps you want to purchase are fair value ? Obviously we do our best but we can't be sure either. We can however assist with an important price promise.


Where price matching is with items on online auction sites there are 2 simple conditions - items being matched against must be "buy it now" and the seller should have feedback of 500. Here's the best bit, we will even refund any difference up to 2 weeks after purchase. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full information.

You might read this and think "these people are bending over backwards to do online business". Well you would be correct however this is simply the same principle we've employed for our last 45 years in the business since we were established on 14th December 1969.

 We look forward to welcoming customers old and new and trust that you find our site easy to use. We are sure you will find plenty of items to enhance your collections, however if there is something specific you are looking for or you have any suggestions for the website please get in touch.